Wednesday, November 5, 2008

One way or the other, blessings will seek you.......

A number of times in our lives, circumstances evolve in a manner that favor us and we attribute that to luck. The common phrase "Being in the right place at the right time" is overused. Maybe it's not luck....

An interesting fact we don't realize is that if our planet was one hundredth of the current distance closer to the sun, life would not be possible on Earth because of extreme heat. Similarly, if our planet was one hundredth of the current distance farther away from the sun, life would not be possible because of extreme cold. Gravity, the lunar cycle, the solar system...... is this all luck that everything is so perfectly aligned and works like clockwork? We take all this for granted and don't spend much thought on it. But I believe there's a higher power that controls the mysterious depths of our universe and indirectly, our existence.

I am sure everybody has had an experience when everything just fell into place and the day turned out to be perfect. The other day, our friends (who are also our neighbors) had their wedding anniversary and could not make it to the gurudwara (temple) like they wanted to. On the same day, my wife was not planning to go to the gurudwara but for some reason, she felt like going and made it there with another friend. She got some extra langar (blessed food) and on the way back, ran into our "anniversary couple", outside of their home. She shared the langar from the gurudwara with them. If either my wife or our friends had been 5 seconds late or early from that moment in time, they would have missed each other that morning. So was that luck? Maybe........ Or maybe God looked out for this couple on their special day and used one of their friends as a vehicle to get the blessings to them!

God does not play favorites, but rewards people who have been sincere and whose faith is strong. On the other hand, He might give gentle reminders, in different ways, when we go astray. Hence the phrase -- "Good things happen to nice people."

Blessings come in numerous ways, some we are able to recognize and some we attribute to luck. All we can do is to keep our faith strong, be sincere & honest, and stand up for what's right.
So is there such a thing as luck......?

Maybe it's all "hard work and blessings!"