Sunday, March 10, 2013

The lighter side of Volunteering ....!

We all want volunteer for a good cause. At least publicly, that is our stance, as it makes us look magnanimous and we earn the goodwill & appreciation of our social circle and peers. I am an office bearer of a local physicians organization, and there is a charity event coming up. So we have been asking for volunteers to help in various committees. One gentleman was very kind and offered to help. Here is a snippet of the conversation.

"Thanks for offering to help," I said. "Which committee would you like to volunteer in?"
"Oh, anything," he replied.
"But you must some areas of expertise, or interest?" I persisted.
"Not really, I am very versatile. I can be Chairman of any committee," he replied, sounding extremely generous.
Chairman? He wants to be Chairman of a committee, I thought to myself?
"Well, I don't know.... " I started, a little hesitant.
"I have an idea," he said.
"Yes?" I said, almost afraid to ask.
"Is there an advisory committee or a supervisory committee?" he asked.
"Yes, I believe there is a supervisory committee," I replied.
"Well, that settles it," he said. "In spite of my busy schedule, I am willing to serve as supervisor of the supervisory committee."
I just stared at him for a few long seconds.
"You want to be the Supervisor.... of the Supervisory committee?" I was trying very hard to be polite.
"I know...I know...." he said. "All these Advisors, Chairpersons, Supervisors.....Can you imagine all the egos put together?? Humungous! But I'll keep everybody in line. So its settled then?"
"Thank you so much for the offer, but let me talk to the rest of the team and I'll call you," I said.
And he will have a really, really long wait for the call!

"Blessed are those who give without remembering, and take without forgetting." ~ Brian Meltzer