Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Of Politicians, Pundits & Polls........!

Well, another Presidential debate went by. Entertaining? Yes! Enlightening? NO!!
I watched the debate on CNN because I think that is one of the more fair news channels, not completely, but light years ahead of Fox and MSNBC.

I can never understand the squiggly lines at the bottom of the screen. These are presumably "uncommitted" voters, with dials in their hands which they are supposed to twist on every point or comment the candidates make. But I don't see how 35 voters can ever be extrapolated to the entire electorate.

And the pundits! The so called experts of their respective parties. I don't know why a respected network like CNN would bother asking opinions on a candidate from these 'experts'. Does anybody believe that these individuals would ever say a word not complementing their candidate? And it does not matter one bit how their candidate actually did. The networks should just have real, neutral experts like David Gergen.

And the spin rooms! That really does make my head spin. The fact that we do actually call them 'spin rooms', and still waste network time and insult the intelligence of the electorate, amuses me. So what are we expecting here? Bobby Jindal suggesting Gov. Romney was not that great tonight? Or John Kerry saying that President Obama was too aggressive? That day will never come and we all know it. We know what these politicians are going to say post Debate, before they actually say it.

Look, President Obama won the second debate as clearly as Gov. Romney won the first one. Just admit it and deal with it, no matter which party you belong to. The dizzying array of "scientific polls", confuses me even more. Ninety nine percent of the people have already decided whom to vote for. Unless some skeletons come crashing out of one candidates closet, the voters are already decided. Each individual has one vote, and it can't be split between candidates like the polls are split on economy, defense, foreign policy etc etc. So just one polling question should be enough-- "Overall, after considering everything, whom are you likely to vote for?" So CNN, don't waste time and effort on the percentages!

People who have not been able to decide by now, with all the information they have, are unlikely to be swayed by one more debate. I guess they will decide on Nov 6th, depending on how the weather is that day!

By the way, I know whom I am going to vote for, but I am not telling. That is why they call it the 'secret ballot'.