Wednesday, December 30, 2015

It's "Resolution time" again .....!

Every year, around this time, I make a list of things I'm going to do starting with the brand new year. The list is easy to make, as there are numerous things I would like to improve about myself. Usually by the time I'm done, the list is about 2 pages long. By the time I'm on my 15th resolution, I've already forgotten the the first few.

This year, I thought let me pull out my list from last year. I had been smart enough to save my list of "Resolutions" on my laptop. Well, I thought to myself, I'll just scratch out the resolutions that I kept last year, and add a few new ones. As I went down the list from last year, I couldn't think of a single thing that I followed through with! I know that's embarrassing, but I'm not going to lie. So I took a deep breath and looked at the line at the top which said "Resolutions for 2017".... and then I scratched out "2017", and put in "2018." So I recycled my resolutions and had a list ready for next year in no time!

Here's a few things from that list.....

Be more romantic...... (put in by my wife) since our marriage, this has always been the number one resolution every year...... I'm still working on it.

Exercise regularly....... and if I know a certain friend of mine, I'll be in trouble if he doesn't see me in the gym on a regular basis.

Buy lottery tickets at a luckier store...

Work seriously on my next book..... that's one resolution I plan to stick to and finish up an overdue project.

Try to be kinder, gentler, sincere...... no matter what the social clique dictates or requires. In doing so, try to be a better person overall.

Grow more hair...... What? Where did that come from? I know that's a lost cause.......!

On a serious note, making resolutions is an effort to make ourselves and our lives better. This is one time of the year when we can peek inwards and admit to certain things that we could do better, and others that we could do without. No matter how well life is treating us, there's always room for improvement. Good luck with yours and I do hope somewhere on the list is "Spending more time with family and friends." Because no matter how much time we spend with our family, we could always do more.

"Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man." ~Benjamin Franklin

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful 2018!!


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Be the lead character in your own life story.......

"You seem to be doing well," I said to a 55-year old lady in my office. "Your exam and lab work is all good."
"And how's my blood pressure?" she asked.
"BP is good too. You've always had borderline high readings on your previous visits," I said.
"I know why it was high before. I was always so stressed," she said.
"So you are managing to keep your stress levels down? That's great," I replied.
"Yes, I am now," she smiled. "I was trying too hard to please everybody in my life. And that saps so much of your energy."
"I imagine it would," I said. "So you don't try to please everybody now?"
"Only my very near and dear ones, Doc. I realized one thing--in my life, I have to be the main character.... I do things that I want to do now, not what I have to do. I feel so free," she said, smiling wistfully.
"It sure does," I said, returning her smile.
"Yes, Doc. Now I am the heroine in the story of my life." She looked positively radiant.
"That is such a nice line," I exclaimed.
"It is, isn't it?' she laughed. "But seriously, everybody should actually try it in real life. It is sooo liberating."

That conversation happened a few weeks ago. But it has stuck with me since then. There is so much truth in what this lady said. If the burden of societal pressures is lifted off your shoulders, one does feel liberated. Doing things you want to do, and more importantly, having the courage to stay away from what you don't want to do, makes life simple.

We often insist on making life complicated, rather than the other way around. Hang around people you connect to, and stay away from those who manipulate & use you. Be realistic, and be your own advocate. Try not to have anybody speak for you. Live your life...on YOUR own terms. Making the right choice should be a natural instinct, and not a reason to pat yourself on the back.

And always remember -- 

"Truth does not have a's not wrong or right, good or bad.  It's just the Truth. Stick to it and it'll take you far in life."


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Maturity of the mind....!

"Look where I am today, Doc," the 52 year old said, looking up from his wheelchair.
"You are looking a lot better than a month ago," I said.
He nodded assent. "You are right Doc. I am a lot better than a month ago. I can move my left leg now. But where am I compared to 6 months ago?" He smiled wryly.
"I know Keith (name changed to protect privacy)," I said. "You had a stroke 6 months ago. I know it must have been tough, but you are improving." Keith owns one of the bigger IT companies in our region.
"Oh I know...I know," he said. "You know something Doc.... six months ago, a successful day meant closing a multi million dollar deal. Today, a successful day is being able to take a step on my own."
"It's still a successful day, isn't it?" I asked.
He looked up at me and smiled.
"Success is all relative, Doc. I get the same thrill today when I take a single step on my own, as I did when I closed on a multi million dollar deal. I've matured more in the last 6 months than probably in my entire lifetime," he said.

What he said is so true. Success is relative to maturity of one's mind. And it's definition, with respect to an individual, changes from time to time. As life grows on us, our priorities are constantly in a flux. And along with that, is our definition of success and achievement. 

And I emphasize the words, "Maturity of the Mind." Physically, we all mature at a steady, resolute pace, no matter how hard we try to slow it down. The mind matures at a vastly varying rate among different individuals. That is the reason we are all surprised off and on, (pleasantly or otherwise!) by certain out of character things our social peers will say or do on occasion.

Imagine these scenarios -- Some folks are overly sensitive and will pout at extremely inconsequential things, others are paranoid and suspicious that everybody is out to get them and still others, who are constantly trying to manipulate people around them at all times. Seem like middle and high school scenarios? And now for the shocker -- imagine all these folks are in their forties and fifties....

And yes, whether we openly admit it or not, it does happen in all social groups and circles, but thankfully not too often. And the people responsible are generally the usual suspects! 

But try to be patient with these individuals, who are mostly harmless, and are just seeking attention. They are just lagging behind with regards to maturing their mind!

"Age is just a number, and Maturity is a choice that some people have a tough time making!" ~ Anonymous