Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Life is tough!".....Is it really?

I was talking to a friend on a busy day at the office and I said to her "I'm so busy. God, life is tough!"
She just smiled back at me and replied "Hey, you know life is a gift, right? Maybe you are not living it right!"

And that statement of hers has stuck with me for the last few days. And she is right. Life is indeed a gift, and being in the situation I am in, I have no right to complain. How tough I make my life is entirely and solely up to me. I am busy because I make myself so. I do have to work hard to pay for the lifestyle I chose. Now that's not to say that we shouldn't work hard. We should and all of us do, but then I have no business complaining!

I can understand if people in areas ravaged by famine, natural calamities and war complain about life. I guess they have a reason to. But not me. I always have the choice to move to a smaller house, to cut my expenses if life seems hard. But like many others, people (including me) tend to spread themselves too thin. Bigger homes, fancier cars, exotic vacations....the list never ends. Sometimes it's real tough to have a sensible balance between wants and needs. Depending on which way that balance tilts, will decide how much we have to work!

Sometimes the present seems hard because the past seems better than it was and the future looks tougher than what it probably will be. Sometimes we think ourselves to the brink of anxiety. Life is like school, with one difference.

In school, you are taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you are given a test that teaches you a lesson. ~ Tom Bodett