Thursday, June 26, 2008

It's the little things, those tiny moments......

Recently, a friend of mine bought a new car for his son on his 17th birthday.
"He's going to remember this forever," he chortled. Both Father and son were extremely happy, and rightly so.

But would the young man, the receiver of the magnanimous gift remember this forever? Probably.
Would this be the fondest occasion that he would associate his father with over his lifetime? Probably not.

Not?!! What could be more exciting, more thrilling than getting a new car? Well..... think about it...

It's the little things..... the encouraging pat after a tough basketball game.... the enthusiastic thumbs up from the bleachers.... the occasional bear hug for no reason.... the gentle brushing of the forehead to check on your child when he was not well..... never missing a little-league game no matter what... These are the tiny moments that make a huge impact on children.

And this is your legacy for your child. So that they can carry it on to their children in the future. Acts of spontaneous love and kindness, things that you do without giving a second thought... that's what our children will remember.

Spend more time with your children, your family. It might mean living in a smaller house, driving a less fancy car, but it's worth it.

If we mess up our child's nurturing, all the success and money we earn means nothing.