Thursday, June 19, 2008

The "True Friend" question

In our lifetime, if we have one true friend, we got it made. A lot of people complain that they have lot of friends, but not one "true friend".

So that brings us to the obvious question-- Who is a true friend? Is there a "Friendometer" by which you can measure the "trueness" of a friend? Well, a true friend is one who does not have to shout over the din of other friends to make himself or herself heard. He or she understands you, does things for you and DOES NOT expect anything in return. And that basic ingredient of every relationship---trust-- your true friend has to be full of it. Between true friends, trust has to be complete and implicit. If you have to explain yourself to your friend again and again, he or she is really not your true friend. A true friend would never stop you from making new friends, because he or she would be secure of his/her place in your heart. I'm sure I could go on and on, but you get the drift.

But another question-- Do we really need a true friend? What's wrong with a bunch of good friends partying together, vacationing together (and the current male-bonding craze) golfing together? And that's right, maybe having a true friend is over-rated.

But if you search your heart, you will find a vacuum if you don't have one or two "true friends." So I don't think you need a true friend, but it's great if you do have one. Life becomes brighter then, it's more fulfilling, more soulful. It helps if you have one person whom you can open your heart to, and there are absolutely no pretensions, no hang-ups. There is no fear of repercussion, no apprehension of being scorned.

A lot of you might snicker at this philosophical mumbo-jumbo. Tonight when you lay down at night to go to bed, when the lights are out, and the world is quiet, think about it then.

And remember, to find a true friend, first be one.