Sunday, August 21, 2016

Life comes around in a full circle.....

Many, many moons ago, during my residency, I used to drive a small car. I would see cars whizzing by and always wondered if I would ever be able to afford a Camry. After finishing my residency, I realized I could and promptly bought one. Soon after that, as I was driving my Camry, my eyes wandered over to the Mercedes, the BMWs.... and I wondered again -- could I someday afford one? After a few years I could, and owned those cars at one time or another. Now the kids are grown and I wonder again-- should I just buy a small car? Its easier to park, more fuel efficient and that's really all I need.

Life does come around in a full circle. Over the course of our lives, our wants are many, but the needs always remain about the same. At about the time we are able to bring our wants to the level of our needs, we really start living and our life becomes purposeful and much more enjoyable.

When physicians have a busy, established practice, a lot of Corporate Honchos will come around to get the physicians involved in the business aspect of medicine. The intent is to get you to make more money, and in return they make some too.
Let me share a recent conversation I had with a gentleman  in the financial sector.

"So Doc, you have a really busy practice," he said.
"Yeah, work is busy. But only from 8 to 5 everyday. And I dont work weekends," I said.
"Just 8 to 5? What do you do after 5 PM and on weekends?" he asked.
"Well," I said. "I take life easy, come home early every day. As my weekends are free, I spend a lot of time with my kids, enjoy movies and eating out with my wife, and really delve into my hobbies."
"Doc..!" He was very animated now. "You really should work more, involve yourself in different organizations and committees, make connections with important people, get your name out there..."
"Then what?" I asked.
"Then you open more clinics, hire more physicians and expand your business," he could barely contain himself.
"And then?" I repeated myself
"You would be busy with meetings and conferences, hire even more people and then you should franchise out your clinic name and expand into neighboring counties," He was very enthusiastic.
"And after that?" I asked again.
"Then go public, have an IPO and make a lot of money," He was almost out of his chair.
"And what then?" I persisted.
"Then you got it made, Doc. You take life easy, come home from work whenever you want to, your weekends will be free, spend a lot of time with your kids, take long walks with your wife and cultivate your hobbies....."

"Know your needs, be careful with your wants and when you strike a healthy balance between the two, you'll really start living!" ~ ac