Sunday, April 3, 2011

Those whom the Gods love, die young...........

The headline you see above is probably true...... But it's no solace for me. This past weekend I lost a friend and my son lost his first coach and mentor. This one-in-a million individual completed his earthly journey at a very young age and passed on to be among angels. And believe me, he won't be out of place there, because he was an angel in real life too.

My association with him goes back about ten years. He saw my son playing soccer and talked to me to get him on a "Real Team"-- his own! That was Ty Lewis. Passionate about the game of Soccer, his team, his "boys". And no wonder his team players idolized him....and still do......and always will.

There are a few people who have personalities that leave a lasting impression on whomever they meet. And this individual was one of them. He will be missed by everyone who had ever met him.

As the age-old saying goes -- "Every man dies -- not every man really lives."  

Well, Coach Ty lived, and almost to perfection. From now on, every time I look up to the stars in the night sky, I'll know he's up there, looking out for the people he cared about the most, especially his "boys".