Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Politics is "Cool" these days!

Teenagers discussing politics? And involved in campaigning? And actually believing that they can make a difference...... Now which movie is that? Well, its real life these days! My daughter in UVA follows Obama's campaign stops, my nephew in VTech went to an Obama rally! Till a couple of years ago, the eligibility for discussing politics was to have gray hair. Not any more.

These days, its the talk of social events and get-togethers. People who are not immersed in the latest polls and numbers are in a small minority. The grassroots effort by Barack Obama has inspired a generation of Americans and changed the political landscape. Millions of new voters have registered, most of them young people. And that in itself, can only be a good thing for our nation's future.

Whether Obama wins or loses, America is on the cusp of history. I hope we all realize that by voting in this election, we can be a part of this major historical event. So rearrange your schedules and vote for whomever you want to on November 4th! And its the patriotic thing to do.

And talking about patriotism, a lot has been made of it in the last few weeks. Experts and pundits have weighed in with their definitions and the "true meaning" of patriotism. Why is it that this question only comes up about every four years, and generally in the election year?

For a citizen like me, and I'm sure for many more like me, patriotism is a feeling, an emotion that comes from within. Nobody can quantify that feeling. No party or person has a monopoly over this feeling. Patriotism is not color-coded, nor does it run more or less in either party.

Anything we do that strengthens the social fabric of our society falls under the umbrella of Patriotism. Whether it's coaching little league games, voting in elections, helping your neighbors....

So be "Cool", vote in this election and be forever a part of America's history!